Welcome to the official site for the Gates of Divinity book series! The next big epic saga that will span generations in a multitude of mediums. Created and written by the dynamic writing duo of Al Lytle and Toi Blasier! Take this journey with us as we expand this universe of worlds and characters for years to come.

Book One: Gates of Divinity The First Light

Our initial offering released on January 4, 2021. Our tale of fantasy and fiction follows Lucifer’s story in the Bible after his defeat and punishment. We add to the story in ways nobody has before and tell the accurately depicted backstories to many characters in our unique way.


After the first war in Heaven, Lucifer’s defeat and banishment was all but definitive. While peace reigned for a millennium, the Father of Lies dwelled in the void of the Pits of Hell. Fueled by vengeance and blinded by his destiny during his imprisonment, Lucifer plotted against those who would stand in his way. Upon his release, Lucifer sets off a series of events that draws the attention of a handful of angels as Heaven remains skeptical of any danger. In an unsanctioned mission to thwart Lucifer’s plans, a small group of angels set off on their own. Do they have the fortitude to endure Hell’s forces and convince Heaven or will Lucifer threaten all of creation?

Book two: Gates of Divinity Realms of Eternity

The second book picks up where the first left off. Published November 8, 2021, Realms of Eternity continues Lucifer’s journey for the ultimate power in the cosmos and reclaiming his destiny. Opening up into a much larger world, this book has twists and turns all the way through. With a bit of every literary genre sprinkled in, it’s quite the adventure!


The epic saga that follows the ultimate tale between good and evil continues after Lucifer stumbles upon one of the vaunted Gates of Divinity, opening the greater cosmos to his ends. As Heaven continues to deliberate their next course of action, Lucifer embarks on a mission to set his plans to exact revenge on Yahweh into motion. With little success, an unexpected celestial ally appears as a guide that would reveal more than he could have ever hoped for. Lucifer’s actions eventually lead him to a critical event that ends up calling heavenly divinities to arms. Will the divine alliances prevail on the battlefield of all creation, or will they fall to the most destructive force in all the universe?


Toi and Al met in the fall of 2018 and became fast friends due to their similar interests in many aspects. Having the concept from a dream his wife had 9 years prior, Toi brought the venture to Al. Knowing the project was far too vast for himself, Toi offered a partnership in 2019. Al quickly accepted and work began a short time later. Now, this writing team is rapidly catching attention and a buzz has been rising. Their goal is to be able to share their works with the world in ways like George Lucas did with Star Wars and Tolkien did with Lord of the Rings.

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